Initiative for Change

The Climate Change Act legislates that all of the UK will reach zero net emissions by 2050. That means every sector, including the advertising and technology industry, is required to make significant changes on sustainability to meet this statutory target. It’s something we take very seriously as a business and have actively been working on for some time.

Efficiency has always been at the heart of iSite and we want to continue this trend and constantly innovate – for not only the company and staff, but for the clients and most importantly the environmentally friendly legacy we leave behind at each stage. The three largest areas of our focus are: a sustainable working ecosystem; reducing our carbon footprint and engaging different ways of thinking.

Taking these 3 principles, we are proud to introduce – ecoSite, the Initiative for Change, launched on 23rd January 2023.

This will be a continually reviewed and updated company policy that will affect each and every person – and whose involvement will be key. We will:

Al Wilson, 
ecoSite Chairman